Fauxwood 66, 50, 35 mm.

Our fauxwood venetians are made of the highest quality with them being 100% waterproof and fire retardant you don't have the added worry of what is on your window. they give 100% light control and the ability to block out up to 80% of the light if fitted and measured correctly. You can have the option to alter the slat width there are 4 options prices may vary over slat width. 

With the option of 20 colours and different styles of tapes we have surly got something for everyone. 

Our Fauxwood collection speaks for itself they provide elegance to any room with smooth mechanism's and a facia cover to hide the head unit take a look at our stunning selection by clicking the blinds to your door logo top right of the page of you can go by clicking here www.SunNShade-Blinds.co.uk